Kepri develops innovative sustainability solutions through investments in visionary startups and partnerships with forward-thinking organizations

Impact Investing

Strategy and thesis

Kepri invests in founders and businesses with the potential to solve pressing environmental and climate….


Kepri’s impact investments focus on two sectors: 1) cleantech and climate-tech, and 2) sustainable travel and ecotourism…

Advisory Services

Sustainability Strategy and ESG

Kepri accompanies its portfolio companies and other private and public clients in the development of their sustainability and ESG strategies using a hands-on and collaborative approach and drawing upon 15+ years of experience in sustainability and strategy consulting.

Sustainable Travel and Nature Conservation

Our sustainable travel and nature conservation services include the development of a sustainable destination strategy, the design and strategy for a nature reserve/national park, and the business/corporate strategy for a private business seeking to expand into sustainable travel and ecotourism.

Impact Investing and Climate-tech/Cleantech

Our team works with institutional and corporate investors to help them devise investment and co-innovation capabilities (including venture building and corporate VC capabilities) that align to their long-term sustainability and climate endeavors.

Innovation and Sustainability

Kepri also offers a risk-sharing and contingency-based model in which it is rewarded only once the co-developed project shows concrete and measurable results.

The Kepri name

The name Kepri comes from the Ancient Egyptian scarab beetle god “Khepri”, the god of rebirth and sunrise.

About Us

Our mission is to drive large-scale sustainability solutions and promote impact-oriented initiatives through innovation and partnerships.

Contact Us

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