Kepri provides a wide-range of advisory services and capabilities to support its clients and portfolio companies in their sustainability journey

Kepri provides a wide-range of advisory services and capabilities to support its clients and portfolio companies in their sustainability journey.  These services are grouped into the following four areas: 1) Sustainability Strategy and ESG, 2) Sustainable Travel and Nature Conservation, 3) Impact Investing and Climate-Tech/Cleantech, and 4) Innovation and Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy and ESG

A collaborative / hands-on model

Our team accompanies private and public sector clients (as well as our portfolio companies) in the development of their sustainability and ESG strategies using a hands-on and collaborative approach and drawing upon 15+ years of experience in sustainability and strategy consulting. 

A structured / data driven approach

Our strategy/ESG projects typically begin with a materiality assessment and the mapping of all organizational activities and then follow with the application of our proprietary ideation framework to generate solutions and initiatives. These solutions/initiatives are then thoroughly prioritized using a detailed cost-benefit analysis combining a set of detailed criteria that draw upon the latest research in the field. These criteria are regularly reviewed and updated.

Sustainable Travel and Nature Conservation

The growing sustainable travel and ecotourism market

Human development and mobility have put unprecedented pressure on our planet and ecosystems leading to the current climate crisis and to an alarming level of biodiversity loss (the sixth extinction).

In response, travelers are becoming more environmentally conscious. They are seeking more sustainable and healthier choices, in combination with unique authentic and cultural experiences. This expansion of sustainable travel, expected to reach a market size of $1.5 trillion by 2025, will also be accelerated by the COVID pandemic with people looking to stay away from crowds and to spend more time outdoors.

Our sustainable travel offering

Our team supports public and private sector organizations in the development of their sustainable travel strategies including the development of a sustainable destination strategy, the design and strategy for a nature reserve/national park, and the business/corporate strategy for a private business seeking to expand into sustainable travel and ecotourism.

Recent publication on starting a sustainable travel business
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Impact Investing and Climate-Tech/ Cleantech

Investing in impact and climate-tech/cleantech startups

Leveraging our team’s experience in founding and growing impact/social enterprises and in investing in impact and climate-tech/cleantech startups, we offer advice to institutional investors and PE/VC funds in setting their impact investing and climate-tech/cleantech strategy.

Working with corporate investors

Our team also works with corporate investors to help them devise co-innovation and corporate VC/venture building capabilities that align to their long-term sustainability and climate endeavors. We also help corporate clients find the right startups to partner with in order to solve specific sustainability/ESG problems including decarbonization.

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation-driven solutions

Drawing upon 15+ years of experience in innovation management, strategy and sustainability, we are able to support our clients in finding innovative solutions to their sustainability challenges covering decarbonization endeavors (scope 1 to scope 3 emissions) as well as other environmental and social challenges.

Risk-sharing model

Kepri also offers a risk-sharing and contingency-based model in which it is rewarded only once the co-developed project shows concrete and measurable results.

Sustainability-focused innovation capability maturity model

Our team has also developed a proprietary and sustainability-focused innovation maturity model to help organizations build lasting innovation capabilities centered on sustainability including their net-zero and climate-positive endeavors.

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