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Drawing upon 15+ years of experience in 30+ countries, Kepri offers a wide-range of impact projects to help visionary organizations in their sustainability journey

Kepri offers a wide-range of impact projects to organizations, educational institutions, and governments and designs customized projects to align coherently to each client’s unique activities and sustainability strategy and objectives. Kepri co-develops its impact projects with local partners and communities around the globe while minimizing unnecessary intermediaries and costs. These impact projects provide concrete and measurable results that can easily link to your sustainability, ESG, engagement, and educational KPIs.  

Through its numerous partnerships in the travel industry, Kepri can help you set up impact-focused travel experiences and expeditions combining both your impact/ESG activities with employee incentives and awareness. Such experiences are key in increasing team/employee engagement and in aligning the whole organization around its sustainability goals. Employee engagement in such projects not only increases the effectiveness of your current ESG and sustainability programs but drives creativity and innovation in your organization allowing for new ideas and better programs to emerge.

Kepri developed exceptional expertise in designing and operating impact projects with 15+ years of sustainable travel and ecotourism experience in 30+ countries on the five continents


Radal Siete Tazas National Park Conservation - Chile

This impact project was initiated through a partnership with a Canadian high school...Learn More >

White Desert National Park Conservation - Egypt

As one of the first members of the White Desert Conservation Association...Learn More >

Amazon Community Development in Anama - Brazil

Our team had built strong relationships with a small community called Anama...Learn More >

Crete Historic Trail Cleanup - Greece

This project consisted of cleaning and reopening an old path between a ghost...Learn More > 

Community and Environmental Projects - Peru

For about 10 years we have run expeditions and impact projects across Peru...Learn More >

Atlas Mountains Community Project - Morocco

We supported the remote village of Ait Ali Itto in the Atlas Mountains by improving...Learn More > 

Taco Pozo Exchange - Argentina

Our team, along with a Canadian high school, organized a cultural exchange project...Learn More >

Educational Impact Project - Senegal

This project took place between the city of Thiès, about 70km from Dakar...Learn More >

Sustainable Coffee Farming - Colombia

This project was conducted with one of the leading Northamerican coffee companies...Learn More >

Galápagos Islands and San Cristobal Project - Ecuador

Our expeditions to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands always comprised impact...Learn More >

Ecotourism and Community Development - Costa Rica

Our expeditions to Costa Rica combined ecotourism activities, across the country’s...Learn More >

La Granadilla School Project - Nicaragua

Together with a Canadian high school, our team organized an incredible expedition...Learn More >

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