Kepri’s impact investments focus on two sectors: 1) cleantech and climate-tech, and 2) sustainable travel and ecotourism

Cleantech and Climate-Tech

The cleantech and climate-tech areas covered include recycling / circular solutions, ecosystem restoration and conservation, carbon capture / reduction technologies, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, as well as sustainable agriculture and food.

Our focus is on sectors of the economy that contribute the most to carbon emissions and climate/environmental pollutants. Moreover, we prioritize solutions and business models with the highest potential to abate these emissions and pollutants.

Sustainable travel / ecotourism

Drawing upon 15+ years of experience running sustainable travel and ecotourism projects in 30+ countries, Kepri has developed the expertise and capability to identify great opportunities in the sector and ways to scale them globally. 

Sustainable travel and ecotourism ventures include online travel platforms, tour operators, ecolodges, as well as conservation tourism businesses.

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